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First of all, there is Mimi. Without her none of this would exist. Being an exhibitionist she is the ideal muse for Max van Norden, our director of photography. Without Mimi there would not be any clips. And not just because of exhibitionism but because of her endless creativity in thinking up insane styling methods and knowledge of all fetishes worthy of the eye of the camera.


You can find her on Twitter and she has a Facebook account especially for the kind of connections welcomes. You can also find he on as cmeermin.

Director of photography Max van Norden is on the job daily. He is there to do everything that has to do with uh.. everything. He writes whole scenarios in his head that he never writes down, claiming he has got the best memory a 60 year old can possibly have. It helps of course that his plots are quite thin. But to hear him say: 'Move your ass up a little higher and point it slowly, ever so slowly towards the camera,' is an experience close to hearing Richard Burton reciting Dylan Thomas, if we have to take Mimi's word for it. With forty years experience he is not the kind of person one would like to argue with over esthetics in pornography, but he has a kind heart and a somewhat cruel sense of humor.

Max van Norden

You can find him on as CitoyenS. His Facebook profile sits here. He also maintains the official Twitter account.