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Yes, we create custom clips!

That is, if you bring it to us gently. Our director of photography Max van Norden likes to think he is very original and he claims high standards in pornographic esthetics. However, if you pour him a stiff drink, he will produce exactly what you had in mind before you first got here -- without him getting all philosophical about it.

Our specialties

Most of what we do has to do with fetishes and/or BDSM. Please do not walk into the door with a nice couple of about twenty who would like to do the sexual Olympics on a sunny beach. I mean, we can do it, but it is just not what we specialize in. However, if you have a great idea that has not been done a zillion times before, we will consider it a challenge.

Our rates

For simple clips meant to be posted on a commercial site, a production by will cost you roughly 10 Euros per minute for edited videos with a 15 minute minimum. This is of course if we do the shooting in our modest studio.

Shoots on location will cost you 15 Euros per minute with a 30 minute minimum plus travel expenses.

Special wishes?

Have you seen one of our clips and do you like the person starring in it? And would you have a special wish, just use the contact form, we may want to execute your idea and hell... you may even be asked to participate.